Rescue Presentation Event ONLINE NOW

RoboCupJunior Rescue Virtual Presentation Event

Dear all RoboCuppers,

RCJ Rescue holding a virtual presentation event to conclude the 2020 RoboCupJunior year for rescue Line and rescue Maze.

We are excited to have collected over 50 submissions for our virtual presentation event!

At this moment, they are being evaluated and uploaded to the website.

We are welcoming you to visit our website, which has been created specifically for this event, to see the presentations and videos from NOW!

Virtual Presentation Event Special Website

Award list

Discussion and Reaction :+1::heart_eyes::open_mouth:

Please check the discussion sections on each video page.
Don’t hesitate to exchange your ideas or comment them, and add a reaction if you think it’s a good presentation!


We hope the videos can provide inspiration for future work and for those submitted them a record of your work!!

Best regards,

RCJ Rescue TC/OC 2020

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I’m from RCJ Maze Team Friends from the USA. Thank you for facilitating this awesome event in such a hard time.

I just noticed that we are one of the only teams that signed up for the open category. The reason why we chose this category was because we normally have to choose this category in the US in order to advance to the international competition. However, after looking at other presentations, I just noticed that we are one of the only two teams in the open category. That led me to believe that there may be some level of misunderstanding in choosing our category. Could you please clarify the guidelines for each of the categories?

-Team Friends(Aged 16-17)

Dear @derekgeng15

The description of a team that belongs in the junior category is as stated in the submission form:

Teams with all student members age 13 to 19 years old (as of July 1st) are considered Junior. Two or more team members are required to participate in the junior category.

i.e.: teams that satisfy the team and age regulations set by RoboCupJunior. Whereas, open includes submission from any team, where we do not consider the age and team restrictions.


2020/21 TC

I think the confusion is that there are only 2 of 11 Maze teams in “Open” under Maze, while everyone else is in “Junior” . So, we thought there must be a distinction between the two.

If " age 13 to 19 years old (as of July 1st) are considered Junior.". Team Friends should be listed as “Junior” instead of “Open”.

Hello guys, how does the presentation evaluation process work? Is it due to the number of likes?

Hi @MonsterHigh

No, it’s not. Just like in a regular international competition, the TC and OC will evaluate the videos one by one with a set of criteria to then decide which team is given prizes.


2020/21 TC


Hola cuando se va a realiza la premiacion de la virtual competition en si. Y si va a ser transmitida o se anunciara en la pagina de tal. Gracias

Dear @Hoel

I tried to google translate your question but it does not make any sense. Could you explain the question in detail?

(Next time, can you post an English version of the text too? You can use the Google translator if you are still not comfortable with English.

La próxima vez, ¿puede publicar una versión en inglés del texto también? Puede usar el traductor de Google si aún no se siente cómodo con el inglés.)


2020/21 TC

Olá, vai ter certificado de participação para equipes que participaram da apresentação virtual ?

Olá @MonsterHigh! Um certificado de participação pode ser enviado por e-mail se necessário. Para tal, por favor, solicite o certificado ao e-mail, indicando no e-mail o nome da equipe e o nome dos componentes que precisam do certificado.

Até mais!

(Hello @MonsterHigh! A certificate of participation can be sent by email if necessary. To do this, please request the certificate at, indicating in the email the name of the team and the name of the members that need the certificate. Best regards!)

2020/21 TC