Rescue Maze Entry: Clarification of rule 2.3.5

2.3.5 One of the outermost tiles is the starting tile, where a robot should start and exit the run.


That rule means only one of the four red points in the example can be a starting tile? No other placement is allowed?

Please help! :wink:

Hi @PeterParker,

This forum is for the international competition.
We RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee don’t have the Entry rule.
I think the Entry rule may be for German competition and Euro super regional competition.
Please ask organizer of these competition.

2022 committee

Thank you. Domo arigato.

Hey @PeterParker

Every Tile that is directly connected to an outer wall can be the start tile - not just the 4 you marked.

If you have further questions pls don’t hesitate to ask me here or contact me at

Daniel Busse
Rescue Chair RoboCup Germany


First of all, thank you for your answer! I spoke with the Portuguese committee at European championship and they put the start tile always in places similar that the ones I marked in red. Good to know (from you) that the rule is more “generic” and complex. I think it is the time to create a kind of forum to discuss around European championship, something similar to this very useful forum. If there is one already online please let me know. Best regards!

Hi Daniel!
Interesting answer.

I noted there is a new discussion about soccer ENTRY rules. A committee (mainly German?) is trying to write new rules valid for every competition, a kind of standard.
Can be done something similar for Rescue Maze Entry?
The actual rules are applied to the European Championship and I feel there is room for an interesting debate around it.

Thank you.

Hi @PeterParker

The existing Maze Entry Rules are valid for the European Championship and are already applied in many national events. There is already a process going on to update them for the 2023 season and possibly have them available to use for all national und super regional events.

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Very clear!

1- When the new 2023 final rules will be published? And where?
2- How to contribute? I have few minor suggestions.

I think the 2022 rules were clear and easy to apply by the referee, a good job indeed.