Rescue Line Section 3.2

Referring to point 2 of section 3.2 in the 2021 draft rules

Blockquote Teams are not permitted to use any commercially produced robot kits or sensors components that are specifically designed or marketed to complete any single major task of RoboCupJunior Rescue.

I have two questions:

  1. Can the students use a line following array, given that they do all the PID programming by themselves?
  2. Can the student base their project on a ready made base (wheels and gears and basic base), given that they do modifications to it to fit the competition needs and also build the rest of the body by themselves together with wiring and programming?


Dear @axisa

If the robot your students are using do not have a pre-made program (as you mention in point #1), it should be fine (In the same way that you can use a lego mindstorm robot and use the default robot instructions and write your code).

Do however try to encourage students to modify the robot hardware as well to best suit the task :slight_smile:

2020/21 TC

Thanks for your help.

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