Rescue Line rules 4.6.9 evacuation zone multiplier


I have read the “Rescue Line 2024 rules DRAFT”.

so, I have a question.

4.6.9 9. Multipliers will never be lower than 1.25.

Will the “evacuation zone multiplier” be 1.25 even if no victims are rescued?

For example, if the robot finishes the game before reaching the evacuation zone, is the “evacuation zone multiplier” still 1.25?


Hi @MASA ,

Obviously this is for a valid rescue. It is used to ensure that after completing a rescue you don’t get a coefficient that may even be less than 1 because of too many LOPs. If there is no successful rescue, the multiplier will be 1 (likewise, even in the case of many LOPs).

Thank you for identifying this point in the rule where the explanation was not clear enough, we will make a clearer description in the final version.

2024 Committee