Rescue Line 3.2.7 Rescue Maze 3.2.9 equipped with a handle

I read “RoboCupJunior Rescue Line Rules 2023”. (RCJRescueLine2023RulesFinal.pdf)
and I read “RoboCupJunior Rescue Maze Rules 2023”. (RCJRescueMaze2023RulesFinal.pdf)
so I have a question

Rescue Line 3.2.7
Rescue Maze 3.2.9
Robots must be equipped with a handle that is to be used to pick them up during the scoring run.

The rules say “must”, so if the robot is not equipped with a handle, that team can’t participate in the competition, right?
The rules have no written requirements for handles.
What are the requirements for handles to equip the robot?
(Example: lifting the robot with one hand, lifting the robot horizontally, etc.)


Hello MASA,

You are correct, a handle is required for proper competition logistic. It will help the team to pick up the robot quickly, and, in the event when a referee has to pick up the robot for some reason, being able to do it safely without causing any possible damage if doing it otherwise.

You’re free to implement the handle however you see fit, just keeping in mind these scenarios. For example, if you add a difficult to grab handle or it causes the robot to tilt in some way and loose a rescue kit, the referees are not responsible for that and the loose of equipment/configuration/confusing a sensor/etc we won’t be able to re-adjust or reposition any pieces, the robot will resume as is.

Hope this helps in determining the best way to add a handle to your robot :slight_smile:

Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Hello @Diego Garza Rodriguez

Thank you replay. :grinning:

A robot can have any kind of handle. However, the referee will not be held responsible if the robot is broken when the referee picks it up. Equip the robot with handles that can be lifted safely so that the robot is not affected when someone else picks it up.
This is how I understood it.