Rescue Kit staying near to victim after deployment

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a new rule has been introduced in the 2019 rules:

1.6.2 Because we need to ensure that a rescue kit reaches the victim, it has to stay near the victim after the deployment. For example, it cannot roll away from or bounce off to move away from the victim.

Does this requirement apply to visual and heated victims on ramps? Smooth rescue kits will very likely slide/roll down the ramp.

Additionally, in case a kit bounces off too far away from a victim, how will this get scored? I assume the team will only get points for identification, but none for rescue kit deployment.

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I’ll use this thread to also ask about what is meant by ‘it has to stay near the victim’.
I think an exact measurement should be given.

Hi @JoshuaMueller,

On the ramp, the rescue kit may drop down.
The robot can get the points (score) when the rescue kit touch a floor of the feild.
I will recommend the shape of the rescue kit isn’t ball.

A robot deploied a rescue kit outside 15cm, then robot kicked the rescue kit, after then the rescue kit stay inside 15cm
–›No score.

A robot deploied a rescue kit on a ramp and a deployment was inside 15cm, then the rescue kit roll down the ramp, after then the rescue kit stay outside 15cm
–› get a score.

Sorry late reply.