Rescue A Primary Competition

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Please let me know Rescue A Primary Competition perform in Robo Cup 2017 Nagoya or not?

thanks in advance for your attention

We also made the Rescue Line competition open age like Rescue Maze.
There is no primary competition, you can join the Rescue Line even at the primary age.

thanks for your attention
we participate in Robocup Iran open 2017 and get rank 1 in this competition, but we hear from TC we can’t participate in robocup 2017 Nagoya because rescue a primary not perform in japan.
I ask you kindly if it possible guide me to taking part in Robocup 2017 as well. we have achieved many efforts and tried very hard, sometimes in holidays and sometimes from early morning to late night.

we would like to express our appreciation for your selfless efforts.


We sincerely wish we can help you solve this situation, but at this moment it is not possible.

Every region in the world that is member of RoboCupJunior and has a regional competition was allowed to have only one team per sub-league, and we need to offer the same opportunities to every region.

Some regions decided to keep the primary competition to maintain elementary kids involved in the competition since an early stage, and to keep them motivated until they can reach the secondary age group. So if this is the case, just one slot is given so it is assign to the secondary age group.

If you need further clarification on this please contact your regional representative. You can find it here:

Best regards,
Roberto Bonilla
Robocup Junior International
General co-Chair Organizing Committee

I can add from an organizers point of view (I write this as regional rep from Sweden).

All regional reps knew since November ( If I recall correct) that the Primary / Secondary division would be discontinued in Rescue Line.

Despite that the local organizing committee of Sweden decided to organize a competition divided in Primary and Secondary. This because we want young students to be part of the competition and know that they will learn a lot. This is also the intent of the trustees, they want younger students to participate at a regional, national and superregional level. This has been communicated with the regional reps during meetings and discussions.

During the fall and early spring we got information from the organization in Japan that the venue was very small and can’t afford that many student. In the light of this we in Sweden was starting to discuss how we should handle the situation if we only received one slot in Rescue Line.

We decided that we should organize a super-final between the winner of the Rescue Line Primary League and Rescue Line Secondary League. We were prepared for this when the information arrived in March (I think?) that we only got one slot in Rescue Line.

We informed all teams before the competition and also at the mentor-meeting that we have only one slot for Rescue Line and that we will have a super-final between the two Line-winners.

I think the solution is communication and information. As Roberto said, if you need any more clarification please contact your national rep. Last year it was Ehsan Hashemi, and I suspect it is the same this year?

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// Regional Rep from Sweden

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