Request of Changing Rule 3.3.10


Is it possible to change the Rule 3.3.10 so, that selfmoving of the robot is allowed?
We are not clear about the background of this Rule.
The Rule restrict possibilities and development of ideas.

We looking forward to your answers

Team Techno Brothers

first of all, I think you wanted to talk about rule 4.3.10, right? The rule states that any autonomous movement while calibrating is prohibited.
In general calibrating is only supposed to give your robot the abilitiy to adapt to the lightlevel and colour values of the competition field. In no means its supposed to give your robot information about movement, or specific directions it has to go, as this would be seen as premapping and is strictly vorbidden (4.3.9).
Hope this makes it understandable why the rule has to exist.
If you still have any objections, feel free to elaborate further why you think this is a hindrance to future development.
Greetings from Germany
2020 OC

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