Request for clarification on scoring of ramps (3.5.1) 2020 Rules


the wording in rule 3.5.1 on scoring of ramps as obstacles is slightly ambiguous to me.

Ramps can be longer than one defined Tile. In fact we see such a ramp in the new sample picture in the 2020 rules.
For the Austrian Open we score these as one ramp, as soon as the full thing has been passed. It’s one ‘tile’ in that regard to us, just longer

Of course we want to actually apply the rules as they are intended, so the less there is left to interpret in the wording the better and thus my question:

A ramp as a hazard accounts for only the inclined tile. is now slightly ambiguous to me.
This might mean that only the first tile on the ramp counts as a ramp obstacle, the rest doesn’t, which while similar to our usual interpretation, would mean that a ramp longer than one tile is scored as soon as the first 30cm are cleared by the robot.

Is that the intent of this rule/wording?

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Dear Nico,

Thank you for pointing this out, it is indeed ambiguous.

The intent is to consider the whole of the ramp (regardless of the number of tiles) as scoring element. So in the case of having 2 inclined tiles, the robot needs to navigate the whole 2 tiles (i.e.: reach on to the tile that is level with the ground after the ramp) to obtain the ramp score.

It will be reworded along the lines of 3.5.1 […] For the ramp, all of the inclined tiles count as one hazard. […]

Does this clarify the rules,


2019-20 TC

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Dear Kai,

yes I think that rewording makes it very clear.


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