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Hello to all,
due to the Corona epidemic, I am currently preparing an online workshop for my students, on the basis of a modular system like “Osoyoo”.
It includes a remote control.
Is it allowed to use it for starting and stoping the robot, for example by pressing the “1” and the “0”.
It might be easy to control by the referees if it is NOT used during the competition. It is only used like a push button.

Thank You for your answer.

Hello Andreas,
Unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible.
As stated in the new rules (3.4), the usage or even existence of any kind of wireless communication (Bluetooth 2 and 3 between robots is an exception) is prohibited and must be disabled before/ during a competition run. In your case, you would have to start the robot via remote control and then disable the wireless connection to the remote to make it compliant with the rules.
Although this would make it technically legal, I don’t think this would make much sense, as it will fuel discussions with referees and interviewers and maybe won’t even be feasible depending on the equipment.
I hope I could help you. If you have any more questions feel free to ask again.
Greetings from Germany,
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Hello Alexander,
I think You mean Rule 3.2.4: “…will need to be removed or disabled
to prevent possible interference with other leagues competing in RoboCup…”. The reason for this rule ist not to diturb other communications. But the remote control of the modular system bases on IR signals with low range. The normally used communications are of radio waves. So there will be no problem with other systems.
Do You think it is prohibit anyway?

Thank You for your answer.

Hello Andreas,
yes you’re right, my fault there.
Unfortunately the point remains as the type of communication (IR signals) falls out of the allowed categories. As rule 3.2.4 also mentiones only Bluetooth 2/3 and ZigBee are allowed. Everything else has to and needs to be proved to be disabled.

This may seem a little unreasonable but necessary as it’s not just about your case, where it might be easy to monitor/ won’t interfere with anyone, but to have consistency in the rules and execution.

You could always use the remote for your own robots inside the school but sadly it won’t be legal to be installed on a competing robot.
I’m sorry for the small mess up but hope this gives a definite answer.
2020 OC

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Hello @IGSKaufungen,
Thank you.
We noticed that we wrote a reference to the General rule at the beginningof our rule, but didn’t put a link. I will try linking to the next rule.

Then I will add to Alex’s answer.

3.1.1 Robots must be controlled autonomously.The use of a remote control, manual control, or passing information (by sensors, cables, wirelessly, etc.) to the robot is not allowed. It is a competition.
Remote control during competition is not allowed as Alex said.

Also please read the General Rule as written at the beginning of the rule. The communication we are allowed is limited communication between robots. General rules take precedence over whether your communication affects other competitions.

I think It’s great to teach your students online.
We also thank you for your interest in our competition. If you have any other questions please use this site.

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