Remote acces jetson nano

My team and I aim to participate in the robocup junior open league. Our robot uses the jetson nano and in order to callibrate the cameras on our laptops, so we don’t need to connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard to the jetson, we need to use ssh (paramiko). We will probably have a hotspot on our phone and have the robot and laptop connect to it during callibration and turn it of when we are done. Is this allowed?

From my experience and as far as I remember, it is not allowed to host personal networks. You could just use a LAN cable between the jetson and your computer.

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It is technically not allowed but I have never seen anyone complain. Some teams use ethernet to be on the safe side (particularly where the Pi already has a RJ45 port) but I am sure some just use WiFi - we do not check. You could do USB-Ethernet or Bluetooth IP Networking if you want to be on the absolutely safe side but it’s almost certainly going to be fine.

P.S. We would love to completely allow WiFi but we cannot get frequencies allocated to us that Major has been using for many years. We hope that may change in future years but it is a slow process.

P.P.S. There are many personal hotspots of teams and visitors alike every year and I have not seen those be a problem either.

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Some leagues in the major competition are heavily reliant on radio communication, especially 2.4GHz. For this reason, any custom hotspots are usually forbidden or at least highly discouraged in order to avoid any interference during their matches.
You would be best off having a wired connection exposed as Elias suggested.
If you absolutely have to use radio;

  • Try to use 5GHz
  • Use the lowest power setting
  • Make it disconnectable (like an usb dongle, compared to the jetson searching for network 24/7)

Keep in mind that you MIGHT still get into trouble and are therefore forced to come up with a different solution on the spot.

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Thank you that is a good suggestion!

Thank you for all of the responses, I think we now know how to proceed.