Release of Final Score and Superteam Results


My team was wondering when we would find out our final position in the event as well as how well we did in the superteam competition. At the moment we can only see results for up to Day 3, which does not incorporate the results from the documentation with the round scores or the superteam results. When will these be accessible?

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Hi @Robosapien,

I assume you already know, but I will clarify for others as well. All results are in your team’s cabinets. We also plan to publish these results AND teams winning the awards on our website We ask for your patience in this regard, to allow us enough time to prepare a more appealing design.

Best regards,

2023 committee

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Sorry but I cannot read the “RoboCupJunior_Rescue_Simulation_Individual_Game_Score.pdf” file. Maybe corrupted? The others are ok.

Where can I find the Superteam results?

Thank you in advance.