Registration payment


I would like to know about the registration fee for RobocupJunior. Three values are reported on the site: the values of team, student and teacher, separately. When paying the amount referring to “the team”, this payment already includes some student who is part of the team, and if any other student is added in the future, another fee will be paid, or: the registration fee will be paid, being also necessary the extra payment of each member individually. Thus added: value of the team + value for each participant + value of the teacher

It was not possible to be clear, but I would like information about it.

I’m grateful.


Tiago Araújo - Team Mentor

You need to pay for the team - team registration, which does not include any people, member fee x number of members, and mentor fee x number of mentors. If any friends/family members are coming with the team, those people need to be included. Please make sure to pay for ALL members at once since it is difficult to add a member later.

Hope it is clear.

Thanks for the clarification. but people who are just as escorts also need to register to be able to enter the venue? Can not they stay in the space reserved for the general public? They are just helping us in tracking students and logistics (like city guide, for example), they will not use student space. According to the last note of the official website:

Parents accompanying their children, who want to visit the site only during public access hours and only in areas open to the public, do not need to register.

I am grateful and waiting for an answer.


Yes, they can pay for public access… Just need to consider that the public access is restricted in hours and days… No public access on setup day for example… In case you add the people as parents/chaperone they will have access to the public areas in the same schedule as participants.