Registration code Not Sent For RCJ Rescue Simulation

Hi everyone
I have a question
We managed to win the first place in the RCJ Rescue Simulation league in the national competition
Now we want to register for the world championships, but the registration code has not been sent to us for a long time, what should we do? :pray: :pray: :pray:

Need to contact your regional representative.
Which country do you represent?

Hi @elizabeth.mabrey
Me and my team are from Iran

All regional representatives are listed in here. RCJRegionalReps2023-2024-web.pdf - Google Drive . There is a contact from Iran. Please email him. If you still have issue in connection with him, please let us know here and I will try to get help from someone else too.

Email to me,, if there is no success in contacting your Iran representative by June 1st.

Hi @elizabeth.mabrey
I asked other Iranian team’s and I find that no team In Iran have registration code
:pray: :pray: :pray:

Emailed to to as them to email to all teams from Iran.