Reg to robocup junior rescue

Hello everyone,
I have a question In registering as a team, does the team being qualified mean having a position in the domestic competitions of the same country or something else?
And in general, what kind of proof is required to prove being qualified and is this proof requested from an organization?

Hello @Zara ,

The international RoboCupJunior organization is in touch with the regional and national competitions to assign the slots per league each year. Each tournament will get in touch with the international RooboCupJunior organization sharing their competition results and the international team slot assignment and then the international team, after reviewing the information, will send the invitation to participate in the competition, which includes a personalized access code to the registration website.

The teams won’t need to demonstrate that they qualified by themselves, all the support comes from their representatives.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Is it possible to add a staff member or change member to a four-member team that has the first place in the country?

Hi @iliazn ,

I recommend syncing with your representative to better understand their guidelines about the team slot allocation and team members of such team.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee