Redesign of the goal


I have a question about the goal redesign.

What is the reason for the elimination of the crossbar? I don’t understand the benefits.
The part that I find particularly problematic is that it makes it more difficult to judge a goal when the robot is aiming at a goal with a chip kick.

Even if the ball bounces off the wall behind the goal and goes out of play, it would still be a goal under the current rules. Also, even if you accept this as a goal, it would be extremely difficult to judge whether it bounced against the wall next to the goal or not.
I think the crossbar is needed more than ever if we’re going to assume tip kicks due to the change in open class ball specifications.

As a slight aside, I propose that the opposing team be entitled to a penalty kick if the robot takes a chip kick and runs the ball off the field.



Hi @seizo_mori,

Thank you for your patience. Let me try to provide a few answers.

The aim was basically to simplify the construction of the field – with the assumption that the fewer parts it has, the better.

That said, you are very much right that if the golf ball is to be used, there is a non-trivial chance that we’ll need to re-introduce the crossbar, precisely for the reasons you mentioned.

Thanks for the suggestion!

If I may add a question of my own, what do you think should a penalty kick look like? Would the definition in the rules suffice?

Thanks for the question again and please do not hesitate to post further ones in the future.