Real room 4 configuration

A number of worlds have been posted to the erebus discord that I hope are not a reflection of what worlds will look like in bordeaux. Im hoping to get some clarification here so that everyone can properly prepare. Custom room 4 should be used in all worlds.

This is not how room 4 works. This is a room 1 marked as room 4 in order to get the 2x point multiplier without adequately preparing for any of the challenges room 4 can have.
Room 4 should be loaded as a .png or drawn by hand on the canvas. Can someone confirm that this is correct?


I agree that all the worlds for internationals should have a Custom Room 4. My team has already devoted a lot of time and effort to handling custom Room 4 layouts. I think it would be unfair if other teams receive the Room 4 bonus/multiplier without properly facing the new challenges Room 4 is supposed to present.

Hi everyone,

Don’t worry… like line and maze, committee always create fields with progressive complexity throughout the competition. So, the first day’s world may not include Rm 4, or include an easy Rm 4. I can assure that Room 4 will be on the world throughout the competition.

Also, I encourage sharing your test world here as well…

Elizabeth Mabrey
2023 Rescue Committee