RCJ Soccer Simulation at IranOpen 2021: Call for Participation

We are glad to announce IranOpen 2021 would be hosting teams from all over the world.

Usually, the national events work as a qualifier for the international RoboCup event, however, COVID-19 has changed the world in many aspects radically. This year, we will be hosting every team who wants to compete and learn from the great community of RoboCupers. There is no need to travel so there is a lot more opportunity to collaborate.

The registration deadline would be on 20th of April, although, it might be extended but not for too long. Also, the competitions would be happening between 6th to 12th of May.

Junior soccer league will have its international qualifiers on 27th of May so we believe IranOpen can serve as a good opportunity to test your codes and learn from other students around the world. To keep the financial transactions minimal, there won’t be a registration fee for non-Iranian teams.

You can find more information at http://2021.iranopen.ir/leagues/junior-soccer.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question you have in this link:

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post a reminder that it is the last day of registration for RCJ Soccer simulation in IranOpen 2021.

Hope to see many of you!

Hello, In the website ( https://robocupjuniortc.github.io/rcj-soccer-sim/qualification/ ) it is stated that the registration deadline is on may 17th, is that incorrect?

Yes, that is the deadline to participate in the qualification competition that is held prior to RoboCupJunior 2021, which will qualify teams that can participate in RoboCupJunior 2021.

Hi Amy,

I guess it’s the best if you archive this topic because our deadline has passed. It might confuse some of the people because similarity in time and name. I tried to do so but it was not possible.