RCJ Soccer Lightweight Robot Building

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum as well as to the competition. I was wondering what kind of robot was needed for the competition, what sensors to use and so on. Could you give me a general idea? Thanks

Hi @maryano,

First of all, welcome and do not hesitate to ask about anything you find appropriate!

I believe one of the best places to get inspired with regards to RoboCupJunior Soccer is the GitHub repository below. It contains links to posters from the past five years, which include various robots from teams all around the world. The more recent ones include specific parts the robots have been built from as well (often times directly with the links to the eshops where they were bought) so I would strongly recommend you take a closer look in there:

Do let us know if this helped at all and once again, welcome!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for the GitHub repository. It helped a lot

I was looking for specific information but didn’t find it on GitHub. I would like to know if LEGO Inventor 51515 is allowed. Thanks.

There are no limitations on what parts you can use in any of the RoboCup Federation rulesets, there are only some Entry leagues in some regions in which you are restricted to standard kit parts. Please check with organizers in your region which rules they will be running if you need information on those.