RCJ Onstage 2021 Preformance

How are teams going to be preforming in the RCJ Onstage 2021 Competition to accommodate the new circumstance created by COVID-19?

This competition is virtual no real

Hi! I understand that the competition isn’t going to be live, but what are the rules for the virtual performance? Are there restrictions on the number of outlets you can use, the different camera angles, etc.?

Hi, sorry for not getting back to you earlier.
OnStage Technical Committee is just in the last steps of releasing the rules for the 2021 online competition. Please check back on the website in the next few weeks or keep an eye on the forum as we will announce the rules there as well. After that we will be happy to help you with any questions here.

Hi, I am Alya, a member of BANAT ZAYED 2021 team from UAE. And I just wanted to ask if all team members should attend the performance or is it ok for some team members to attend it?

Hello Alya, it is fine if not every team member is visible during the performance. But please make sure that all team members are available for the interview. During the interview it is allowed for the students to take part in the Zoom call from different locations.