RCJ 2022 - Rescue Simulation - Process of Codes Submission

To every Rescue Simulation Team,

Your mentor has been given access to a shared folder where your team shall submit your code each day (23h59 UTC) before the rounds day. Please, be aware as we will be working worldwide online, our schedule is always defined at UTC.

Your mentor also received a link to our ANNOUNCEMENT BOARD which we will use to communicate with you, updating information, instructions and results, before publishing them to external community .

Your mentor also received an email with a FORM asking about your development platform. Please, be sure to fill it as soon as possible.

If your team doesn’t have access to your folder yet or if it is not receiving the refered messages, please reply this post indicating that issue. For general doubts regarding rules and announcements, always use RCJ Forum.

Welcome to RoboCupJunior 2022!

2022 RCJ Rescue Committee



During rounds 1, 2 and 3, our team noticed that some robots failed to detect even the basic items, such as black tiles. Observing the general situation and maximizing learning experience for all as well as fairness, we decided to transform our Day 2 as “Calibration round”. Calibration round will not be scored towards the competition. Then we will run Rounds 4/5/6/7/8/9 during Day 3.

What to expect:

  1. No later than 06:00 (UTC) / July 14th:

Submit your controller code and the world at your RCJ 2022 shared team folder. However, you can let us know by email, if you decide to submit earlier. We will run your code, in your world in our server

The world execution time should NOT exceed 30 seconds in real-time (i.e. human time).

  1. We will record the screen, including the Console. This recording will be copied back to your team folder.
  2. We shall try our best to run each right after 06:00 UTC.
  3. We will capture the video as well as the console display and save both into your team folder.
  4. Hope to get them all ready within 3 hours (considering our limited resources). It is team’s responsibility to monitor their own folders.
  5. This is an optional procedure. If you don’t need or don’t want to participate in this process, just add your code for Day 3 in your folder by July 14th, 23:59 (UTC).

2022 RCJ Rescue Committee