RCJ 2019 australia date

Hi everyone

To save some money our soccer team wants to buy the plane tickets for the flight to the competition in Australia (Sydney) as early as possible. I tried to find the date for the competition online but without any success. If someone could send me the schedule it would help me a lot (if possible also the day of registration, end of compition and Symposium. Because some of our team members have a tight schedule this summer).

Hi @AndreaC,

The RoboCup 2019 website seems to be up (https://2019.robocup.org/) and while it seems to be mostly a placeholder at this time, the dates are consistently 2 – 8 July 2019 (in both the text and the images). Knowing how much trouble it is to actually get a venue big enough for RoboCup, I would say there is a very high probability that it will happen during these days.

But please take this with a grain of salt – I literally only thanks to visiting that website.

– Marek