Ramp followed by rescue zone

I have a question regarding the ramp followed by the rescue zone.
I know that a ramp going down and then a rescue zone (no horizontal tile) is allowed. But in a scenario where we have a ramp going uphill and then a rescue zone (without a horizontal tile)? is allowed, correct? What about the silver line? Will she be placed horizontally within the rescue zone (which would make the challenge very difficult) or will she be on the ramp?

Hi @JoelHanerth,

Thanks for the question. We were pleasantly surprised at how well you explored the scenarios. The answer to your first question is yes. On the second question I think we can refer to rule 2.9.4 :“At the entrance to the evacuation zone, there is a 25 mm × 250 mm strip of reflective silver tape on
the floor.” The silver tape will be placed in the evac zone.

Hope this helps.
2024 committee