Questions concerning RCJ Open Rules

When will the official 2022 RCJ soccer rules be published?
Major rule changes for the Open league have been hinted at, such as a golf ball and new kicker capabilities. The 2021 rules state that in 2022 we will have an 18 cm size limit and a 2200g weight limit, but I do not know of any confirmation of the golf ball or kicker limit changes.
Even if the official rules are not ready, can you tell us whether golf balls will be used? I don’t want to build a dribbler for the wrong ball.

I absolutely agree with keiji.d.imai!
We do not need final rules yet when it comes to “lack of progress, out of bounds or multiple defense”.

But we need some time to build robots and it really makes a difference if we build a 20cm or a 18cm robot and it is the same with the ball diameter.

I absolutely appreciate a change from the “old” setup to a new one.
I would nevertheless recommend to do it in two stepts:

  1. reduce the size to 18cm for this (2022) season
  2. reduce the ball size to “golfbal” for the next season (2023)

And I would love to have similar ability to plan for lightweight.
Here I would suggest to decrease the robot size to 18cm as well, but one or two years later.
And as we stick to the IR Ball there is no reason for going smaller after that.

I am a coach of up to 10 soccer teams, most of the teams play 1vs1, which is a German special for beginners. A absolutely recommend to establish this league as an international league.
Both 2vs2 leagues keep increasing the quality of fine engineering and that is great for those students growing with it. but it also increases the initial step for newbies and if we do not want to run out of “fresh meat”, we need a new beginners-league.
Greatings to all,

Hi @Marek, @Felipe and TC members,
could you please comment on Keiji’s question above? The competitiors need to know the specs (size, weight, ball) to build their robots for 2022!

Hi, @Armin, @stiebel and @keiji.d.imai.

I am no longer a TC member, so I am afraid I am not qualified to answer those questions. I hope @mareksuppa or @dankel can help.


Hello @keiji.d.imai, @stiebel, @Armin and @Felipe ,

Thank you all for your your patience here – I completely understand your frustration with not knowing what to expect in the upcoming year. It sadly took us (I mean, me) quite a bit longer than we hoped it would but we do have an answer now with the draft rules released in a separate thread:

I am happy to answer any further questions you might have but in short, we will use the orange golf ball(s) and will decrease the size as well as weight limit to 18 cm in diameter/height and 2200 grams in weight.

Should you have any further questions, I will try to be much more responsive.


Hi Marek, thanks a lot for posting the new rules!
This is the hardest cut I could imagine for 2vs2: 18cm AND golfball.
However, it will be a challenge and we all have some time to prepare…

Stop blaming yourself for not being ready in September,
having draft rules at the very beginning of October is early enough.

I found some “bits an pieces” while reading the rules:
1 “Preface” change soccer 2vs2 ball from “2.5cm” to “1.5 cm” as mentioned later anyway.
2. If a robot is designed to kick the golfball vertically (at least partially), what about the standard game? Is the robot allowed to lift the ball as well? This could be clarified somewhere.
3. It could be a good idea to design a “golf ball - kick power measuring device” as a kicker that is optimized for a golf ball will hit the IR-Ball at a far below center of gravity - point making the standard measuring device to a “random generator”

These suggestions are no rule changes at all, so there is no hurry, but I thought telling you as early as possible could help.