Questions about the team rules

while I was reading the new rules, I came up with a question about the “Teams” section.
In particular about rule nr. 2.3.7:
“Team members may compete in Rescue Line twice (2 international events). After competing in Rescue Line twice, they must move to Rescue Maze.”
I wondered whether it applies to someone who has competed twice in the Primary League, and has since moved on to the Secondary.
To clarify: does the rule apply only within the same league, or across leagues ?


Hi Luigi,

Clarifying your question, we need to explain the answer in three:

  • The rule for limiting participations on Rescue Line Secondary to only two World Competitions started in Hefei 2015. Before that, we are not limiting; i.e. a competitor with participations in Line Secondary in Joao Pessoa or before is allowed to compete in Line in Nagoya, only if he/she one or zero competitions of Hefei or Leipzig in Line Secondary.

  • Line Primary was not limited before, therefore a competitor can have any number of participations here. Running a fast check, it is possible for a competitor to had started at age 9 at Singapore in Rescue A (former Line), be age 14 (Primary) at Hefei, then age 15 (Secondary) at Leipzig is his/her first time at Line Secondary, and he/she is allowed at Nagoya in Line.

  • Remember this year all international competitors are being joined in Line. Competitors with age 11 this year that participate in the international event every year onward, will need to move to Maze at age 13 in two years. I would recommend that having competitors that win the right to represent their country for the second time, as soon as RoboCup the national representative needs to recommend the team to start working in Maze challenges.

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017