Questions about scheduling and programms uploading

Dear Jiayao Shen

Kai Junge said that you will answer the questions about CoSpace. This is our first time participating in
competition of this level.

This is our questions:

  1. In the General schedule on Wednesday 23rd says the ‘Results announcement’. Is this the results of a technical interview?
  2. On Thursday 24th says the ‘Finals code submission’. How will we send the final program and where will we upload? Do we only send DLL file?
  3. Competition of CoSpace will start on Thursday the 24th? How do we know what time the competition starts? Will be a zoom link before starting?
  4. Will the zoom link be sent before the quarter and semi-final?

@Jiayao could you please answer this question?


Hi, Michael,

We have sent out an email about the Final Challenge to your team’s contact email. Please find out the details from the email.


Hi, Jiayao

Thank you very much.