Questions about robot driving using coordinates

I have a question about the Rescue Simulation Maze rule.

Is it possible for the robot to move to a predetermined coordinate?

We try to use the Dijkstra algorithm after specifying several points in advance.

Hi @mgkim,

Sorry… maybe I could not well get your points… but we don’t open the design of the competition map and start point beforehand.
So you have no way to know and implement coordination in your program beforehand.
If this does not explain your question, please let us know your concern again so that we can help you more accurate :wink:

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Resue Committee 2024

Thank you for your answer.

I was misunderstanding of the game method.

And I have another question.

When the robot recognizes the victim or sign, I don’t know how to indicate that it has been recognized successfully.

Should I print it out on the console using ‘print()’? Or is the robot supposed to do certain things?

Hi @mgkim ,

Yes, you need to communicate with the game supervisor in a specific way.
The technical details are shown here: Emitter and Receiver | Erebus

If you have more technical questions, please consider joining our Discord server so that you can get more technical advice from our community and other teams :wink:

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