Questions about evac. room


I had a question regarding the location of the entrance to the third room (evacuation room). In the picture on the rule book, the entrance to the evacuation zone is at the side. Will the entrance always be at a side or will it vary from the picture like the rest of the course? Could the entrance possibly be in the middle of the wall? Also, will we be able to make multiple trips to the evacuation zone? Can we rescue one set of victims and then do go back to try to rescue more?



Hi Hugh,

the entrance of the evacuation zone can be located as well at the middle of the wall as near a corner of the wall of the evacuation zone. It may vary each round.

If a Lack of Progress occurs in the evacuation zone, the robot may proceed at the last checkpoint. If the robot finds its way to the evacuation zone again from that point, it can try again to rescue more victims.

Hope this helps you,
Technical Committee

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I was wondering if there would be any obstacles in the evacuation room.

Hi Aman,

yes, it is possible (but not necessary) that there are obstacles in the evacuation zone.