Question about the performance

Me and my team are looking forward in participating OnStage 2022 from Brazil in its national version. We do have some doubts about the rules, though.
We planned to use water, C vitamin and smoke in our presentation, all of that in a very small scale. Though, the rules mentioned that: “To protect participants and comply with occupational health and safety regulations, routines may not include: projectiles, explosions, smoke, or flame, use of water, or any other hazardous substances”. We would like to know if our request to use this substances, or at least some of them, could be approved. I am going explain next how we are planning to use those, so you can evaluate the situation better.
Firstly, I am going to talk about the use of the smoke. One of the crucial visual aspects of our project is a cauldron that would have inside its mechanism a small smoke machine. It would be positioned far away from the public and the smoke certainly wouldn’t come to contact with anyone.
Now, talking about the water and C vitamin, it would be placed inside an Erlenmeyer flask to create the idea of a “bubbling potion”. It would only be drunken by one chosen group member and we can guarantee it won’t come to contact with any electrical parts of the robots or the audience.
We would love to know if our requests are reasonable. Feel free to ask for any further details in case you need it. Thanks for the attention! Bye.

Hi @alupcosta - thank you for your question.

Unfortunately we cannot provide much insight from the International OTC regarding regulations for your national competition. I would suggest contacting your local organizing committee for further clarification.

However, the rules are in place to compensate for all venue’s health and safety requirements and therefore must be followed at the International competitions.

From an OnStage perspective, I would suggest looking at other robotic methods to create similar effects. Remember it’s a performance so you have some creative license when it comes to your performances!

Good luck with your preparations!

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