Question about the 2021 competition

Hi everyone,

i’ve seen the official post, that the competition is postponed. :cry: My question is, that those teams whose already made their robots, they can use these machines at the next year? I mean, the rules will be change or not really? I ask it just because we already made our robot (for the 2020 rules).


Hi @CsabaAban,

As of now, we haven’t received any guidelines on how RoboCup Junior will run an organise the competition for 2020. I understand there are a multitudes of questions that participants and mentors would like answering, such as age restrictions and rule changes. I cannot make official comments on such questions because these are out of the TC’s control, and I do not wish to spread misinformation (but I am sure that these will be answered in due course, in all fairness to participants :grinning:).

(Personally) Regards to the rules, I would be surprised to see any major changes (if any) for the competition in Bordeaux. If changes will be made, a large proportion of them would be to include clarifications and corrections made on the 2020 rules + changes to mitigate easily foreseeable organisational issues.

I understand that vague answers do not help much, but this is the extent we know as well unfortunately. We will keep updating new information.


2020 TC

Dear Kai,

Thank you, for your answer. We’ll follow the news and develop our robot.


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During Hannover 2019 European competition they played Rescue Maze Entry level. In 2021 (we hope), in the World competition in Bordeaux, will we have the chance to play the same league? If yes, what will be the age limits?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @PeterParker,

Thanks for your question. We are very glad to see that you enjoyed the rescue game.
However, the Rescue Maze ENTRY is a competition unique to each region and is not held at the international level (Bordeaux 2021). I would also like to add that we were not involved in the determination of this entry level rules.

We expect you to join the Rescue Maze, which is not a ENTRY.


RCJ Rescue TC/OC 2020

Thank you for the quick answer!
All very clear!