Question about rescue victim/balls

Where can I buy the balls for Rescue?
I would like to buy it for training.

Hi @lcabannes,

I knew some region use Lego ball.
They use it as living victim with aluminum foil.
And they use it as dead victim painting with black color.
If you don’t have such balls,
We didn’t select a specific store.
However, you can find these on Amazon in your region.
‘stainless ball 5cm’ Living victim
'wooden ball 5cm ’ Dead victim

Of cause, you can use plastic balls, or other material balls.


Just a side note on this matter.

The mass of the ball is not stated explicitly (so different competition organisers can adjust accordingly), so it would be a good idea to expect some variation in mass depending on the competition. Of course this will be within a “sensible” range, but the point is the robot shouldn’t be limited to a specific mass! - maybe something to consider as some mechanics can be sensitive to the mass.


Kai Junge
2019 TC

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