Question about Rescue Kits


I read the rules for Rescue Maze and my understanding is that each team makes its own rescue kits, is that right?

If it is, can they be any shape or do they have to be a specific one, for example cubes?

If there is not a specific shape and a team decides to make spheres, does the size constraint of rule 2.6.3 (at least 1 cm in each dimension) apply to the diameter of the sphere?

Thank you

Hi @gsembe,

yes every team is responsible for designing their own rescue kits, the shape is not specified, the only constraint is that it is at least 1 cm long/wide/tall. Theoretically, it can be a sphere with 1cm diamater, but that would not be very convinient as it would roll away out of the area it is suppossed to stay in :slight_smile:
However, a reasonable (and acceptable) shape (that would I think would answer your question) would be a cylinder with 1+cm diameter base and 1+cm in height.


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And also, A sphere would roll, so the requirements in 2.6.2 are not met.

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@Matej @mymama

Thanks for your replies (: