Question about mic for robot

We are facing a challenge with our robot’s speaker system. While the robot is capable of producing speech, we are not sure that the audience will be able to hear it clearly. The challenge is that the robot is mobile, so we are considering the possibility of attaching a lavalier microphone inside the robot to amplify its voice.

We would like to ask if it would be possible to implement this solution. Additionally, we would appreciate it if you could confirm whether a lavalier microphone will be available for our use on the stage.

Thanks for your response.

Hi @Paemlaban,

unfortunately we can not guarantee the availability of a lavalier microphone on our stage.
However you could leave some space to place a handheld microphone in the robot or bring your own lavalier microphone, which could then be connected to the 3,5 mm AUX cable that will be provided.

Let me know, if that works for you!


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