Question about Line before Gaps


I have a question about line before gaps.

As said in the rules:
“1.3.2 Straight sections of the black line may have gaps with at least 5 cm of straight line before each gap. The length of a gap will be no more than 20 cm.”

Which one is correct about 5 cm of straight line before each gap, A, B, or C?

The Length before Gap



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Dear SKY-Crew,

Good question!

I would say that the line is not considered “straight” inside the corner.
It start to get straight just after the corner, when both inside and outside contour of the corner are finished.

The answer would be C, the inner distance should be at least 5cm.

But if this makes a big difference for your robot maybe you need to tune the line following algorithm?
The difference between A and C is not big, and may be considered “within the acceptable tolerances”.

Best Regards,
Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017


Hi everyone,

My question is just for clarification:
So the rule mentioned above also applies to the following two (exemplary) tiles:

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Marc

Hi Marc

Yes, that rule will apply for all the right angled lines.

Best regards,

Kai Junge