Question about lack of progress

I’m unsure whether or not our solution to gaps in the line would result in a lack of progress or if we are good. Our solution consists of Rolling forward hoping to catch the line, and roll backwards to the start of the gap if it misses. Under 3.6.1 b the rules state

“A lack of progress occurs when: the robot loses the black line without regaining it by the next tile in the sequence
(see figures after 3.6.7).”

And after 3.6.7 example figures are shown. The one in particular that I’m interested in is

“The robot loses the black line. And the robot advanced adversely it is lack of progress and return the entrance”

My question is basically if the robot rolling backwards to the start of a gap and adjusting its angle relative to the gap would result in a lack of progress or not. Also, is there any limit to how far back it is allowed to go after finding the line.

Hi Olind,

Is your question as follows?

Your robot was moving from right to left. Your robot ran the reverse in the gap and returned to the right side black line (starting point of the gap). And that robot began to follow the black line.
At what point do you become LoP?


Almost. Our robot was moving from right to left. When encountering a gap it moves forward a bit in the gap before dectecting the fact that it’s a gap. It then runs reverse back right to the start of the gap. There, it readjusts its angle, before trying again to cross the gap. Would this result in a LoP?

Hi Oliver,

I think the picture you are referring to only results in a LOP if the robot looses the line, rotates and finds the line in the opposite direction again. Naomi, please correct me if I am wrong, but you should be fine as long as you don’t rotate to the direction you came from, but just drive backwards a little and as long as you don’t skip a whole tile.


Yes! That is indeed what I’m reffering to. The text next to it says advancing adversly results in a lack of progress so that’s why I’m asking.