Question about international competition

Hi, I have some questions about the international Maze competition.

  1. About videos we have to send, we have to use only a camera to record the robot and the timer simultaneously as you requested.
    If we follow the robot with a MOBILE camera, how can we always show the timer?
    If we use a FIXED camera, with a visible timer, how can we show you the exact point where kits are released, and how can you be sure that the maze is the same as the ones you sended us?
    Can we record an OBS camera so we can show multiple views (one above the maze and one following the robot’s movements)?

  2. About registration for competitions, in your rubric you’ve written that we can select the language to use during the interview when we register, but I can’t find that option. What can I do?

  3. About the live presentation, can we also do it in our language or do we have to make it in english?

  4. About the documentation we have to send, do we have to send it either exclusively in english, or both english and in our language (just in case the interview will be in our language)?

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Hi @matteoberla

  1. You are allowed to do that if both views are completely synchronised. Both shots also must be one shot (no cuts can be made during the edit). This means both views must be shown on the screen at all times.

  2. You will be sent out a questionnaire in the next few days.

  3. Please speak in English

  4. Please write in English

I hope this helps.

2021 TC

As you requested we have to record three videos of different mazes and have to write the documentation of the robot, but where do we have to send them? Thanks in advance.

Hi @matteoberla

In the next few days you will get an email with a link to your submission portal. Apologies for being tight on time.