Question about heated victims

  1. I red this part of the draft 2017 rules:

1.5.3 Victims are located near the floor of the field (centered approximately 7 cm above the floor). The temperature of the victim simulates human body temperature between 28°C to 40°C.

1.5.4 The organizers will try to keep a minimum difference of 10°C between heated victims’ temperatures and the ambient temperature of the field.

During the last challenge I joined with my team the temperature of the competition arena was around 18°C and the referees put the temperature of all the thermocouples to 55°C. Is it a violation of the rule 1.5.3 ?

Moreover: every opposite sides of the walls where the thermocouples were active reached a temperature of 40°C because of an imperfect insulation. The referees decided to grant points in both sides of the wall. It sounds reasonable because a robot cannot distinguish a real thermocouple and its effect to the opposite side (in those cases). Is it correct?

Best regards, danke, tack.

Hi Peter!

I would say that 55 degrees is too hot. But better than too cold. As an organizer (and team) prefer more heat over less heat.

However the problem, as you say, is that 55 degrees will probably flow through the walls. That is NOT acceptable, and if I was in such a situation I would first try to lower the temperature, if that doesn’t work for some reason I would give teams score for both sides of the wall.

My suggestion to organizers is to use Peltier-elements. Because they will be heated on one side and cold on the other side. They generate coldness on the backside, which is very convenient!

// Fredrik Löfgren

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Clear answer.
I will divulge it to the organizers before the next competition.
Thank you, tack!