Question about "End of Play"

Hello,I have a question about “Rescue Line rule 3.9.2-c”

e.g. when my robot rescued only one victim in the evacuation zone, and the robot leaves the evacuation zone and finds the line again.
Do I have to end the game? (rule 3.9.2-c)
Can I declare LOP and try again to rescue other victims?

If I choose to try again to rescue other victimes, will I get a score of 3.5.15? (20 points)

best regards

Dear MASA,

The rules are clear, if the robot leaves the evacuation room and finds the line again the run is over and you will get the exit bonus of 20 points (3.9.2-c).

You can however call Lack of Progress for whatever reason you want (3.6.1-a), to if you call LoP before it finds the line you will have a restart and place the robot on the last visited checkpoint and try to rescue more victims. If you call LoP you will not get the exit bonus of 20 points (this time, but you can still get them next time you exit and reach the line without calling for LoP).

If you are afraid you will call LoP when the robot is escaping the evacuation room, please inform the judge beforehand so he is prepared to look for this.

Maybe we will change this rule until next year so it is more clear.

Best wishes,
// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC 2016 / 2017

Hi Fredrik,

I suggest for the next rules that the End of Play could be when the robot leaves the evacuation zone and reaches the last checkpoint again, it would be more clear,


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Thanks for the suggestion!

We will consider it until next year!

// Fredrik Löfgren

Thank you Fredrik. I understand it.

Best regards