Query regarding Voltage Limitations for Open

The RCJ Soccer rules specify the nominal voltage limit for a circuit as 15 V. Does this mean that, if using two different circuits, we can sum to greater than 15 V? For example, 12 V for the motors and 9 V for the microcontroller? Since there is no exceeding the 15 V on a single circuit, would this not be within the regulation?
Thank you

Hi @agangavaram,

Yes, that would indeed be within the limits of the regulations for the Open league.

Hope this helps!

– Marek

Hi Marek,

I felt this is a question needs to be further clarified to the local host. In the past, I understand our local host misunderstood the total 15 V all together; does not matter how they were connected. Based on this email, it sounds like agangavaram’s setup is allowed, ie…

-> Robot carries two separate pack of batteries pack, one 12 V and one 9V
— the 12V is only for motor
— the 9V is only for the microcontroller

Is that correct?

Yes, that is how I interpret it – I believe section 8.2.B.2 of the rules clarifies this situation a bit better:

Voltage pump circuits are permitted only for a kicker drive. All other electrical circuits inside the robot cannot exceed 15.0 V for Soccer Open and 12.0 V for Soccer Lightweight.

Do let me know if this helps – I am happy to elaborate further :slight_smile:


Thank you, Marek.

This thread should be clear enough for the local host when it comes to qualify a soccer robot. I recalled, just a couple of years back, they just summed all batteries all-together only, disregarding how they are being connected. This thread should have clarified that for the local host. Thank you again.