Query on Camera limitations under 8.2.2

Hey there!

I would just like to clarify the statement “A single robot can only use one camera”. How is this camera defined, is it just a sensor which can produce an image to process and track the ball/goal or is it referring to the CMOS inside the camera?
Is the CMOS sensor on a laser mouse sensor counted as a camera, since it only has a very low resolution and is only tracking movements on the field?
Also, is a TOF depth sensor counted as a camera, since it does not use a CMOS sensor however it can still produce a depth field image?


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Hi @RadiusSG

Yes, this is the current interpretation. Any other CMOS sensor (such as one mounted off a laser mouse) would not fall under the limitations of 8.2.2.

Hope this helps!

– Marek

PS: This is quite off topic, but I would very much like to encourage you to try to get a CMOS sensor on a laser mouse work in the RCJ Soccer environment. It’s been a while since I saw one of those used successfully. Good luck!

We will try our best, thank you!