Qualifying for RoboCup

Can I get qualified for World RoboCup if I get 1st Place in European Robocup?
Due to the new Portuguese rules I’m not allowed to qualify to World RoboCup via Portuguese nationals in 2019

Do you mean “European RoboCupJunior Championship” or the “European Open” ?

I’m refering to the “European RoboCupJunior Championship”

The European Championship was created, because they lowered the number of participants for the World Championship. It is no qualification for anything.
Why are you not allowed to qualify for the World Championship? Are you in an … ENTRY competition?

They made a new rule this year in Portuguese nationals that doesn’t allow people with 3 or more World Robocup participations to qualify for World Robocup.
They only released the rule this year, but it has retroactive effects…

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In addition, another rule has been created by the protuguese national comitee.

Each school can only participate with 3 teams, one for each league (soccer, onstage and rescue).
In soccer, this rule forces to choose between the light or open league.

I think it is unfair for those who work a whole year with the purpose of reach the world robocup, being administratively out of the selectable ones.


Those new rules have just been create by the actual portuguese representative to create a changeover between teams able to participate in Robocups and reduce participation of the best ones.
It is the most ununderstandable decision that just can create suspicious about the reason of such reduction on the quality of selectable teams.
That’s not the spirit of competition of this event!

In Rescue line this rule exists since 2016

Are you sure, that this rule applies to all leagues in Portugal?

@poliveira is your rule about the World Championship or about the Portuguese Championship?

2.3.7 Team members may compete in Rescue Line twice (2 international events). After competing in Rescue Line
twice, they must move to Rescue Maze.
A student will not be able to participate in the 2018 Montreal competition if he/she has participated in any two the
following international competitions: 2015 Hefei Rescue Line Secondary, 2016 Leipzig Rescue Line Secondary, or
2017 Nagoya Rescue Line

This rules mean you can only participate twice in Rescue Line, but you can still participate in other leagues.
The Portuguese rules don’t allow you to qualify for World RoboCup if you participated in World RoboCup 3 or more times, no matter the leagues.

This rule was added this year, but it has retroactive effects…

This is a printscreen from the regulation

In english
Each school / group of schools may have selected at most one team per league (on the date of entry into force of this regulation: OnStage / Rescue / Soccer leagues);
When a school / group of schools has more teams ranked first in the FNR than the number of RoboCupJunior leagues at that time (three, at the time of writing this regulation), the person in charge of the School / Grouping of Schools will have to send, for to RoboCupJunior in Portugal, the list of the three teams that will participate in the Robo-Cup.