Qualification For RoboCup Junior Asia-Pacific 2019

I would like to know about the qualification procedure for RoboCup Junior Rescue 2019.
In 2018, the RoboCup Junior Asia Pacific qualification was through documentation and the TDP. Will that remain the same the same this year or will qualification this time be based on the regionals and nationals?

Also, we do not have Rescue Simulation in the India Regionals. Does that mean we cannot participate in RoboCup 2019 or RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2019 under Junior Rescue Simulation?

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Hi @aryan_02

Do you want to know how to participate to RoboCupJunior 2019 Sydney ?
Or do you want to know how to participate RCAP ?
In both case, you should ask your regional rep.
You can find your regional rep. on RoboCupJunior weasite.

In addition, You should contact with your regional rep. about rescue simulation. She/He will advice to you.