Qestions about WorldCompetition

I have few questions if you have the time to answer me:

  1. Is the virtual Rescue Line Competition counted as live Competition by the number of competitions, that is to say, the students can participate on the WorldCompetition only two times?

  2. Is it possible that the students who are participating at the Simulation League Soccer and Maze (New Simulation) can participate on the WorldCompetition at Soccer and Maze Cathegories this same year?

  3. When can we expect the team slots for Croatian region (and pre-registration form), because it was mentioned that the due is the 1st of May?

Regarding question 3, the information has been sent to the regional reps.
Could you respond to other questions?

Dear @ikolaric12

  1. No. Participating this year will NOT count towards the participation count for rescue line.

  2. No. You can only participate in one of Soccer, Rescue, or OnStage. And in Rescue you can only participate in one sub-league or demonstration (i.e.: line, maze, simulation(cospace), or New simulation).

  3. See Amy’s response.

I hope this helps.

2021 TC