Publication of Team Documents

Hi everyone,

according to section 3.4 of the rules, “the RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee will share the team’s journals alongside their poster presentation and TDP through the RoboCupJunior Forum of the teams that provided their consent.” As far as I can remember, we have been asked for consent when uploading the documents.
Have the documents been uploaded somewhere? Unfortunately the time we have with other Teams at the competition is limited, so we would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the robots.

Best Regards, Sven from BitFlip

Hi Sven,

Unfortunately not all teams agree to share their documents, only the poster is mandatory. We are in the process of collating the documents that have been given consent to be shared. This may involve the handling of some personal information. We will complete the upload as soon as we have resolved these issues.

2024 committee