Are Posters and TDPs visible to everyone? If so, where can we find them?

We invite everyone to share a picture of the sticked posters in the competition pavilion so that all the teams, like us, taking part in the competition virtually can take a look at them and get inspiration from them!

Joaquin and Alejandro - Talos IITA Argentina

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As far as I remember, we did have to fill in a questionaire asking whether we would allow sharing Posters, Engineering Journals and Code after the competition. So, I would normally expect the organizers to make these visible at least to other participants. However, as their reaction to posts and emails has been quite scarce in this competition, my expectations are only very modest…

I completely agree with you. Let’s hope for someone to answer. Having the maps would be awesome, as it would let us know how much out robot can do. We really want to improve performance so that this isn’t a problem anymore. Thank you for responding!