Poster and digital book

my question is about the soccer champion:
can you expline what the difference between the poster (I can not see it in the rules) to the digital book that I can not understand what it is…
we need to bring with us poster and digital book or just one?
In the recue team I know that need to bring poster.

Hi @Shlomtzi,

First of all, let me apologize on behalf of the TC for not making this clear. Thankfully, we have this forum now which can help clear the confusion a bit.

I’ll make sure to note this for the next year’s TC, so that the 2018 rules will make this totally clear.

As to the actual difference, I personally cannot find the word digital book in the latest version of the rules. What I believe you meant instead was the digital portfolio, which is mentioned in the second sentence of section 8.2.7.

These teams are also required to send a digital portfolio before the competition.

What this generally contains is what the previous sentence mentions:

All teams qualified to the international competition must share their designs, both hardware and software, with all present and future participants.

So in essence, the digital portfolio should include everything that could help someone else re-build your robots from scratch. Of course both the TC and the OC understand that it is impossible to really include everything as you are not creating a blueprint – you are generally creating a prototype and the blueprint mostly stays in your head. However, the overall expectation is that your digital protfolio will include the designs you used in that process (that is all sorts of photos of different versions of designs, your software, any analysis you may have done and so on).

The digital portfolio does not therefore need to be specifically structured – it literally can be a directory with a lot of files in it. In contrast, the poster should present your design/findings/improvements in a concise way that is also to some extend understandable to the general public (as the posters are put on a public wall for everyone to see).

As I understand it, you should bring both. As I explained above, it should really not be that difficult to create a digital porfolio, provided that you have some of the designs used in your robot in some sort of a digital format (I believe this is most likely the case).

I would also like to note the following sentence in the aforementioned section of the rules:

Further details on how will be provided by the Organizational Committee.

I personally do not know about the details for this year, but I’ll talk to the OC and I am pretty sure someone will update this task with further details quite soon.

Hopefully, this lengthy response has helped to make the difference between a poster and a digital portfolio clear, while explaining some other related points too. If not, please feel free to ask some more questions. That is what this forum is for!

– Marek

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