Pixy2 camera intersections usage

I have a question regarding the use of the Pixy 2 camera for line intersection mapping. Specifically, I would like to detect green markers and determine their positions using vector intersection points. Line following without green markers will be managed and detected by other sensors.
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A lot of teams are already doing this, according to this year’s rules it’s allowed.

2024 committee

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Hello @rzhang

You wrote

it’s allowed

I found the previous post.

Matej wrote

we are allowing the usage of the Pixy hardware, but not their software. Same goes for other similar products, e.g. Huskylens.

I think your answer contradicts this article.
(or is it just my lack of English comprehension?)

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We’ve always stuck to that principle. For this scenario, you will need to design your own algorithms to process the data returned from the camera to “detect” the green blocks.

For determining their position, as I understand it, the vector intersection point is also a parameter they need to deal with, not an algorithm built into the camera. @Simunulajz Can you please provide more detailed information?


Hello @rzhang

Pixy2 has a special function that allows object detection by color.
I think you should check whether the team is using the camera’s object detection function to detect the green marker.
I was surprised that you answered “it’s allowed” without asking the questioner if they were using any special camera functions.

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