Percentage of points in overall ranking

I would like to ask, if I can find the percentage that the individual categories make of the overall score. What I mean is that last year there was some kind of formula for calculating the overall points with things like 30 percent of points is placement of the team in soccer games, another 25% might be for the poster and so on. I havent found anything of this sort in the award criteria document that was sent earlier.

Hi @kovact ,

We have a new system this year that is detailed in this document.

There are five criteria; if a team is marked as developing in any two of them, then they essentially DNF the race (i.e. did not finish) - at that point, if they wanted to rank themselves, they’d just go by the swiss system ranking of all the teams that DNF.
A team that is satisfactory or above in at least four criteria will have a judged score of 0. Then their overall score is just their rank score that is just the (# of teams - rank + any top rank bonus). So a satisfactory 7th place team in a competition with 25 teams will have an overall score of 18 since the top rank bonus is only for the top three ranks.
A team that rated proficient or better in four out of five criteria will be considered proficient and then would get a judged score of 5 added to their rank score for their overall score. So the proficient 7th place team would have an overall score of 23.
Once all the scores are calculated, they are ranked highest first. Any ties will first be given to the team with the highest rating and then to the highest rank. This gives the overall rank of all the teams.

Thanks a lot mike for clarifying, now i understand.