Penalty areas size - Page 16 Field Diagrams


On RoboCupJunior Soccer Rules 2020 Final Rules as of December 19, 2019, there is a 30 cm wide and 70cm long penalty area in Page16 field diagrams.

However, Rules 5.8 Penalty areas in Page 14 - In front of each goal, there is a 25 cm wide and 70cm long penalty area.
The Rule is still 25cm wide.

Which is correct?


I have another question about the field.

Page 13 5. Field 5.2 Dimensions of the field

The playing field is 122cm by 183cm. is an outer area of 25cm width.
Total dimensions of the field, including the outer area, are 182cm by 243cm.

W122cm + outer area 25cm x2 = 172cm
D183cm + outer area 25cm x2 = 233cm

Also on Page 16 filed diagrams, there is an outer area of 30cm.

Could you tell me the correct answer?

Thank you,