PathPlaner for Rescue Line

Hello there,

I developed a program to plan a Rescue Line Path and export it as an image.
You can simply place tables (for tiles) and draw the line. Afterwards you can change the style of each tile and add hazards to the path.

This is an early version: If something doesn’t work properly, please send me an email ( regarding that problem and try to use the undo/redo feature to correct the issue.

-common keybindings are available, but not yet changeable
-You are able to draw impossible paths or break the program (if you want to), but you can do (hopefully) everything you want to do
-There are tooltips on the bottom of the screen

  • I’ll definitely improve the software, when I have some time (e.g. add an “export as scoring sheet” feature)

You can download it from here:

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Hi Felix,

thanks for sharing! One hint from me; if you want people to actually use it, you should add some documentation and/or help so that everyone can easily understand how to use your software. I for one couldn’t really figure out how to start drawing a field (I didn’t try for a long time though).


Hello Jan,

I’ll add a documentation, when I have some time, but for now, there is a tooltip on the bottom of the window, which will probably help you.


I agree with Jan. I did not understand how to operate, too.

Ok, I’ll definitely add a tutorial, for now here is a step by step guide:
Just left click anywhere to place a table (there are, at least in the German RoboCup, tables (3x4 tiles), on which you place the tiles)
Use you mouse wheel to zoom, press your mouse wheel (or right/left click outside a table) to drag the map.
Use the e key to turn a table into an evacuation zone. Use the space key to enter the line drawing mode.
Click on the tile(on one of the tables) your path shall start with.
Afterwards click in the direction, your path should continue.
Connect your path to the evacuation zone to finish the path layout. Now you can change the displayed image of each tile by selecting the tile and click on the prefered “style” in the box on the right.
Select “add hazards” in the toolbar to enter the hazard mode. Go to the “hazard” tab and choose a hazard (e.g. an obstacle) and click on a tile to place the hazard. (Select it) Drag it to move it, click on the turning buttons to turn it.
When you are happy with your path, select “export(png)” to export the path.

I hope that helped you understanding the Path Planer.

Hi Felix,
thank you for building this tool.
There are two questions:

  1. How to turn the direction of the tiles, 90°, 180°, 270°?
  2. Do you create later the other tiles that are possible?
    Have a nice day

Hello Andreas,

you can’t change tiles manually at the moment, instead you draw a continuous line from your starting tile to the evacuation zone. The starting tile will rotate automatically in the right direction.

There are already many tiles possible (Just finish your path layout by connecting the line to the evacuation zone and select the right mode (start/editing mode/change tile images). Now click a tile and select your preferred image). More tiles will be added at some point.